What is SportsMed Elite?

SportsMed Elite was created to solve the problem that the competitive sports industry was not adequately or easily gathering disparate data sets from any source, struggling to monitor real time performance, unable to alert or predict wellness risks, and not taking advantage of actual game analyses.

Our platform solution is leading-edge, offering a desktop platform and mobile app that has been built to perform within the rigours of training, the campaign season and game day.

Through evidenced-based analysis of any internal and third-party data sets, teams and organizations can seize the advantage by adapting quickly to changes, address player or team weaknesses and subsequently out perform opponents where it really counts – in competition.

SportsMed Elite is the athlete software solution for professional sports teams around the world. In addition to the platform we can offer teams access to purchasing a world first module for detailed advanced predictive analytics, this is the power of XELA.

How SportsMed Elite helps you

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Backed by over a decade of development and implementation in elite sport, our team of experts have in excess of 100 collective years in sports science and hands-on credibility towards harnessing data to make better decisions.

SMG Technologies’ hails from the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU). The All Blacks, which adopted the original platform, used RugbyMed to assist with injury management and rehabilitation programs.

Since 2010, significant investment has been driving the development of the platform to offer this technology to all sporting codes across the globe.

In addition, predictive analytics engine XELA has been fine-tuned for healthcare and enterprise organisations to the leverage real-time insights enjoyed by the sporting industry to drive revenue and improve efficiencies.

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