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The expertise and experience of coaches, sports scientists and strength and conditioning specialists from around the world has driven the development of SportsMed Elite – a system built to manage injury risk, streamline performance data, and meet the demands of elite competition.

Winning championships is a high-risk business, especially when it involves pushing the human body to its limits.

The volume of data involved in the everyday running of an elite sporting organization can be overwhelming. SportsMed Elite was built with the understanding of these challenges. A modular architecture and extensive customization options, allows the SportsMed Elite platform to cater for workflows across all levels of an elite organization.

Our Expertise

We have a cross section of tertiary qualified professionals with over 100 years of collective international and practical experience in elite sports.

The team includes: 

  • Elite team sport scientists and coaches
  • Leading specialists and human performance experts
  • PhDs in sports, exercise science, mathematics, eCommerce and software engineering.
  • An extended team of support and specialized in-house technical team of designers and developers
  • We further work with tertiary organizations, ambassadors and strategic partnerships to maintain our global leadership

Built for everyone in the Team

Whatever your role in the organisation, from the CEO through to the Director of High Performance or the Physio Intern, SportsMed Elite is built to manage, support and perform what your role demands. We work with individuals in all roles to ensure that our innovation is leading edge, saves them valuable time and delivers results.

How will SportsMed Elite benefit you?

Management →

Coaching Team

Performance Team

Medical Team

Information Technology


Athlete →



Increasing knowledge. Minimizing costs.

To successfully drive and implement the goals and vision of the organization, an accessible overview of the company is a great starting place.

With the backing of readily available data insights, decision-making and negotiating with stakeholders can be approached with certainty. The awareness that the intellectual property is secure and up to date instills confidence in the decision-making progress.

  • Overview dashboards
    Visual summaries of an individual group, cohort or team.
  • Comprehensive communication tools
    Flexible communication channels for documented individual or group messaging purposes.
  • Tailored reporting
    Keeping the appropriate personnel up to date with reports, alerts and notifications tailored to an organization’s unique requirements.
  • Game Development →
    Track player participation to understand growth, evaluate the potential of individual schools, clubs and sporting venues and strengthen relationships with up and coming players.

Coaching Team

Assembling the perfect team is a lot like solving a jigsaw – without the big picture in mind and pieces missing, the task is near impossible.

Data analytics is the first step in getting to know an athlete – how they move, how they react, what their limits are, and what motivates them.

With continual monitoring and progress, their strengths and talents become clearer, as does their strategic place in the team. By shifting the analytic lens to focus on a cohort or group, tactical combinations and strike synergies will be more evident. In turn, this can inform the effects of field advantage, substitution rotation, and individual match-ups.

  • Team insight →
    Summary or detailed view of a player, group or team – at your fingertips.
  • Training Plans →
    Maintaining a drill library that integrates GPS data to training session plans to measure planned versus actual training loads.
  • Roster / Groups →
    Easily adjust a group or team to suit the training day or specific drills.
  • Pre & Post- Game Notes →
    Flexible templates with minimal configuration.

Performance Team

Insights and intelligence goes well beyond the technology.

Technology plays a major role in the day-to-day processes of an elite sporting organization, in particular, athlete monitoring.  

From peak power measures on force platforms, body composition analysis through DEXA scanning to athlete load monitoring with global positioning system (GPS) technology. All data contributes to forming a holistic view of an athlete.

Data collection can be time-consuming. SportsMed Elite increases efficiency through multiple data capture methods, leaving more time to focus on the results. Customizable reporting facilitates a detailed view on the data that is most specific to your team. With the power of the analytics Gateway, SportsMed Elite provides the tools to minimize injury risk and reach optimal performance levels. If you are looking for greater advancement with advanced predictive analytics, XELA a specialised product can provide deeper results and insights.

  • Strength and Conditioning →
    Ability to build flexible and templated workouts for controlled progression of athlete performance.
  • Integrate data for complex athlete analysis →
    Ability to import data via CSV to allow for a comprehensive overview of all aspects of athlete monitoring and performance.
  • Real-Time Feedback →
    Customizable alerting procedures including emails and notifications
  • Reporting →
    Creation of pre-defined reports utilizing any data integrated into the platform from game statistics, key performance indicators, drill analysis and external loading.


First-rate rehabilitation is essential. Prevention is absolute.

The health and wellness of a team starts long before game day. The focus is on maximizing physical performance, mental resilience, and cognitive focus – a task that requires the coordination and collaboration of the entire performance and medical team.

A competitive advantage in modern sporting environments is athlete availability. SportsMed Elite with the power of the analytics Gateway can automatically assess an individual profile to gauge the probability of a particular outcome. This allows proactive and informed decisions making to occur. With the addition of the XELA product for advanced predictive analytics your team can be taken to a new level.

When an injury does occur, an in-depth injury record can be logged on the system. This equips medical staff with an efficient method of sharing necessary details for athlete transfers and collating information for external consultants and weekly medical summaries.


Information Technology

Data is the new currency, and with it comes similar challenges – keeping it safe, ensuring its fluidity, and retaining its value.

Data security is a critical priority for organisations – SportsMed Elite ensures the highest level of encryption available to comply with medico-legal guidelines.

With readily configurable tiers of access, all information in the system can be compartmentalised for individuals, groups or teams. Collaboration with third-parties is facilitated by time-limited permissions.

The platform’s API framework provides customised points of communication with current and new technologies to maximise information transferability. Importing, exporting and the filtering of data is seamless across each module and screen environment – a true “one source of truth.”

SportsMed Elite features responsive SLAs, in-system user guides and video tutorials, and is back by a 24/7 technical phone support team.



Modular features and multilayered feature roles.

For an organisation to run smoothly, it needs to be efficient from the ground up. SportsMed Elite simplifies the daily tasks of documentation, reporting and scheduling so that more time can be focused towards training and strategic decision-making.

An integrated communication system is an important aspect that facilitates collaboration with, and within, staffing teams and players occurs. Information and assets can be directed to an individual or a group via email, messaging or notification on both desktop and mobile.

As a single source of truth, the latest information can be readily accessed, shared, summarised, exported, edited or archived.

  • One-stop player profile →
    Easy access to a collation of player information – notes on personal, medical, injury and travel.
  • Calendar integration →
    Schedule individuals or groups across venues and time zones, complete with custom notification settings and accessible via the mobile application.
  • Report generation →
    Create specific reports as needed using existing or edited templates, including specific biochemistry, injury, and athlete types.
  • Customized data capture →
    Any metric can be added to a test in order to capture and analyse data from any aspect of the business.
  • Centralized document storage →
    Store and share important files like travel itineraries, employee policies, and Medicare documents.


At times it’s not what you’ve got, but how you use it that makes the difference.

Upon the shoulders of each athlete rests the expectations and hopes of entire organisations and fan-bases.

SportsMed Elite is designed to maximise athlete health and welfare, enhance performance and facilitate communication. A holistic approach to viewing athlete status factors in the wellbeing and physiological requirements involved in day-to-day routines.

  • Increase wellbeing →
    Minimizes and manages injuries and general health and manage time commitments.
  • Sync all external data sources →
    Including Microsoft® Excel, GPS units and wearable devices in one location or portal to save time and ensure ease of communication.
  • Direct Feedback →
    Direct communication access to coaches, teammates, and management for discussion and feedback.
  • Convenience →
    Access data, reports, calendar and files on the mobile application for 24/7 view of wellness and performance.
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