The SportsMed Elite Platform

Revolutionary scientific intelligence.

The SportsMed Elite platform comprises all the core business and team functions required of a premium athlete management solution, including consolidated communication tools, full reporting and specialised modules for all user defined roles.

Elite competition-specific features then complete the SportsMed Elite matrix to create a framework upon which expertise and experience can drive confident strategic and tactical decision-making.

A sophisticated engine provides the SportsMed Elite platform with the power to report on multiple data sources to provide insights. To deliver premium based analytics and a true athlete-optimised system XELA can be added to a team package. Built by the same team of scientists the XELA product provides advanced predictive analytics and is the power engine to deliver advanced results – real patterns, insights and predictions. Talk to the team today if you want to add XELA to your SportsMed Elite platform.

Platform Feature Set

Actionable data. Predictive science. True collaboration. Competitive insight.

Communications →

  • Calendar
  • Messaging
  • Profile

Team Management

  • Configurable dashboards
  • Profile, permissions and workflow administration
  • Media and asset management
  • Third-party connectivity
  • Integrated communication
  • Data accessibility


  • Post-game feedback
  • Remote coaching communication
  • Game development

Wellness →

  • Holistic wellness measures
  • Sleep tracking
  • Muscle soreness reporting


  • Injury documentation
  • Rehabilitation tracking and management
  • Deeply integrated medical collaboration environment

Strength & Conditioning →

  • Program template builder
  • Training Load visualisations

Sports Medicine

  • Real-time training availability dashboards
  • Illness tracking and management
  • Immunisation tracking and alerting

Reporting →

  • Data integration
  • Customised reporting
  • Coach reporting
  • Performance tests
  • GPS integration
  • Biochemistry tests
  • Injury reporting
  • Athlete performance reporting

Testing & Alerting

  • Data capture
  • Performance tests
  • Prevention and rehabilitation tests
  • Administration tests
  • Alerting

Mobile Application →

  • Personalised notifications
  • Data input
  • Planning assistant

Third Party Integration →

  • API Integration
  • CSV data importer
  • Consultant Access

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