SportsMed Elite brings a new level of innovation to competitive sports tracking, monitoring, analysis and prediction.

The Data Gap

Unlike other athlete management products, wearable devices, or CRM systems that track linear data sets, the key to SportsMed Elite’s success is the ability to gather any or many data sets onto one platform.

There are many data related challenges facing teams – siloed data, legacy systems and the lack of real-time feedback. This leads to:

  • Lack of visibility due to overwhelming amounts of data
  • Limited time available for collection and analysis
  • Poor data quality and inconsistency due to poor collection
  • Linear results due to singular or isolated sources
  • SportsMed Elite provides the platform to collate data to provide an understanding of the relationship between behaviours, and because a pattern is simply a pattern, it is in the expert insights gleaned that drives the ability to rapidly respond and intervene to the dynamic environment, and thus leads to a competitive advantage.


    Collate your existing spreadsheets, pen-and-paper notes, and emails for a holistic and future-facing view of health and wellness.

The XELA Solution

XELA is SMG Technologies advanced predictive analytics product. XELA harnesses the power of Big Data by collating data from any source, processes information and delivers real, immediate and actionable insights. XELA can be included in your athlete management suite solution, as an additional module, to power further data capabilities.

By being able to upload any source of data e.g. CSV, Microsoft Excel, GPS systems, camera technologies, bio-monitors, Mobile App solutions, and any wearable device, the engine allows users to perform statistical analysis on current and historical data sets to gain predictions for future values and events.

XELA has embedded capabilities for advanced data analyses that include flexible descriptive and predictive statistics. The algorithms accommodate the following tools:

  • Machine learning
  • Stochastic modeling
  • Extreme value theory
  • Classification
  • Optimization
  • Real-time data collection
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Expert opinion and Bayesian belief networks
  • “What-if” analysis and simulation

Talk to us today for a demo of XELA and how it could be used within your team environment to support further data analytics capabilities.

Paired with expert knowledge, XELA is a more powerful tool in the tactical and strategic decision-making process.

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